Parody#8 Pajama Jeans


A parody is when you mock or immitate and author, show, commercial etc. The example I found was for an informercial Pajama Jeans. I just love these parodies because these commercials are so goofy anyway that you really don't need a parody for them, but its great entertainment. I laughed for about ten minutes at this parody! Just made my day! Enjoy!


This is a really funny parody of the infomercial style in general in addition to how it makes fun of pajama jeans. The parody also has elements of dramatic realism. The real commercial talks about how pants are so difficult to put on, and the parody also makes fun of this ordeal. This is dramatic realism in how the parody suggests that there is nothing more frustrating than putting on pants, even though it is one of the more mundane and routine tasks of the day. We also discussed in class how parody consists of inverting traits of the original in order to mock it. In this case, they invert the gender of the target audience from women to men. This is also humorous in how it suggests that men would be interested in tight pants. Lastly, one of the funnier lines in the commercial, I think, is when they are listing all of the possible colors for the pants and how these colors are all essentially the exact same. This listing of colors is also a parody in how it exaggerates the seemingly wide variety of colors available to consumers.

I thought this was absolutely hilarious court! So glad you decided to go with this example instead of the Old Spice commercial!

This is a very funny parody. It is also a realistic parody because it is so similar to actual real life commercials. Great job

This is a great and funny parody! The clip really depicts the real life commercials that no one ever seems to watch because they are corny! but these commercials are everyone on late night tv! great example!

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