Prompt #9 Commercials & Parody - Lindsey


I'm sure everyone has seen the high fructose corn syrup commercials; I swear last semester they were constantly on repeat! SNL did a parody on this commercial which I find hilarious! Please watch the original and then watch the parody, I promise it's worth it!




I completely forgot about Saturday Night Live parody commercials!

It's funny how the commercials are the same right up until the moms start getting at it. Great choice of both clips because they keep saying how it is fine in moderation but when they show the "daughter" she clearly isn't drinking it in moderation.

Linds this is perfect!!! Seriously so funny! I just love that lady from bridesmaids, shes so good at playing the awkward part. This was a great example, I wonder if they have done any more parodies for commercials.

This was hilarious. SNL is always good at coming up with funny parodies.

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