This Dualtage, Awesome Work

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Okay so alot of people might not really like video games or Halo, but this video is an excellent example of many things found in the Zettle readings. There is excellent use of jump cuts and amazing use of continuous motion vectors, apart from the whole thing being a montage. I really liked the editing at the 1:57 mark and the use of a follow shot to establish the motion. Then the whole following sequence in those next 20 seconds after or so are just amazing. The flow of the shots is excellent with very nice jump cuts and fades composing a great flowing montage while maintaining a continuous motion vector. This is a great cross between a few of the different things we read about. The addition of well placed slows and screen shaking give you a much deeper feel of the game then a standard basic video would. This is just an impressive composition of shots making a kick-ass montage.

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I haven’t played Halo in a long time, but it’s definitely cool how you create and edit personal video of yourself playing the game, whether you’re playing in campaign mode or playing Xbox Live. I used to love taking clips of my best Halo live moments and compiling them together into little video that you could show others. A great feature of Halo!

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