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I think my work has improved greatly over the semester in terms of the lighting, shot composition, and collaborative process. In the first production, I thought the lighting setup would be easy, how difficult can it be to turn on a light? As we got to production day, though, I saw that lighting makes a big difference in the production and often requires a lot more time to setup than one may initially think. What I thought was a pretty bright set turned out to be darker than I thought. I also learned that chiaroscuro lighting is very difficult to pull off because the lighting can look good from certain cameras, but very dark from another camera.
The second thing I learned between production one and three was to focus on shot composition because it isn't always clear in the shot sheets what should be in the frame. Often, we found ourselves changing the shots the day of our shoot because it seemed like a good idea in theory but didn't actually work in practice. This last minute change was a result of a lack of BTL camera people and talent showing up, but it was also a lack of the ATL to try and go through shot composition before the day of the shoot. As a cameraperson myself, I learned that shot composition can be a little subjective and that it's more important to get the characters you need in the shot, rather than trying to follow the shot sheet exactly.
Lastly, I think our groups did a good job of improving our collaborative process throughout the semester. In the beginning, we each annotated our own scripts and each of us had an idea of what the scene should look like. This was good in that everyone was familiar with the scene, but it was a little difficult in how we each had a different vision that didn't always match with the director. This sometimes caused problems in when we were answering questions, how we sometimes had an answer that was different from what the director envisioned. On the second production we did a much better job of following the director's vision, but we were a little disjointed in that the rest of the group didn't really help the director with the annotated script or shot sheets, so we as group didn't have the best idea of what the vision for the scene would be. By the last production, though, we struck a good balance of each person contributing to the vision of the scene while still following the director's overall idea. We were able to take his script and each contribute an idea about what should be in the scene. This way allowed us to have an idea of what the scene will look like, while still following the director's vision.
Advice: Always check your lighting scheme on the cameras. It's easy to think that everything is bright when you're looking directly at the set, but the lighting can look completely different on camera, and even look differently from camera to camera.
Take pre-production and extra pre-production time seriously. It was really easy for us to say, "We'll just worry about it tomorrow." But often these little worries could turn into big problems the next day when everyone is already stressed and on a deadline.
Have fun with the production, it's easy to get overly stressed, but keep your cool and be open to new ideas because these ideas can sometimes make things easier on you.
Words to fellow 3201-ers: For many of my other classes in the past, I didn't look forward to coming to class, especially when the weather was icky like it was all semester. But I had a blast in class and looked forward to working with everyone. Each and every person played an important role in my enjoyment of the class! I hope you all have a great summer and I'll maybe see some of you again in class next year!


It was great getting to know you and work with you throughout the semester! I definitely agree with you on your advice, especially with camera two because of that darn teleprompter thing!

have a great summer!

Totally agree with you on the weather scenario. This was the only class I could ever justify going all the way to west bank for during a blizzard. I had a lot of fun as well and enjoyed getting to know you! I hope you have an awesome summer as well and yea, maybe we will see each other next year!

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