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Throughout this semester I grew to completely appreciate how much work actually goes into making visual media, even very brief clips. I believe that my work has definitely improved from the first production where I was so nervous I remember my hands shaking as I was controlling the bus as Technical Director. Where as in m last production as Audio Operator I felt more comfortable in the control room doing the tasks for that specific ATL role.

During the first production I feel as if I had no true understanding about three-point lighting or even shot composition. I kind of nodded my head and agreed with my other group members and attempted to contribute as much input as I could. I learned that lighting is difficult. It was hard to decide which filter, gel or cookie to put on and how many lights we wanted and which kind. It proved to be most difficult when the set and talent looked well lit in person and even through the camera screens but turned out to be very different looking while watching it on my computer. By the end of production three I had a better understanding about how lights work and how they cast shadows and what each separate accessory does do the affect the lighting. I know I definitely felt more confident in my role as camera operator by the third production, sounds stupid right? Like who gets nervous to operate a camera during production well apparently me. The first production I was too nervous about messing up a camera shot and having a bad production for the ATL group on me but by production three, my second time as a camera operator I felt more at ease in knowing about each of the camera functions.

For future Comm. 3201 students I'd advise them to take time in the studio as much as you can, it can mean the difference between having a smooth production and being stressed out the day of your production. The studio time even if its only thirty minutes can give you extra time where you don't have to worry about another group to really concentrate on lighting scheme and the set design. Also like Laura mentioned definitely take a look at lighting through each camera with the cameras in place for the production, placement of the camera (and which camera is being used) can drastically change the lighting. Also don't get too stressed out, everything will work out and if you need help from another member in your group ask because chances are they are definitely willing to help, because its their grade on the line too.

I had a great semester with everyone and thanks to everyone in my groups for making great productions with me! have a great summer:)

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