My Final Salute

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Well after reviewing my production 1,2, and 3 I realized that even though I thought I did a good job on my first project, the third project I worked on completely crushed the quality of the first. That being said, I am still proud of the work we did on our first project, it just highlights how far we have come. Specifically for all groups, I think the lighting design was so, so much better in the third than in the originals. I think our sound designs made some advances too. In terms of shot composition we grew a lot as well, made less mistakes and more interesting dynamic shots. I am really proud of my idea to have just Brian fad in on the chroma key. My patience and quality of work with group mates improved as well. I think I just grew more accustomed to working with people who had different ideas throughout the semester. I think we had some awesome set designs as well, the Shafting Agenda and the tree setting we had in Production 2 were really cool. I think my knowledge of all the studio safety and functioning of the technology grew as well. I was fully capable of explaining the deko and audio, as well as mic fuction after the last few days in the class, as well as operation of lighting grids as well.

Another thing I took from this class was just how much work it requires to make a good production. Putting together the production book and make sure it is error free was a ton of work. There are an outrageous amount of things that could easily go wrong. I made some good friends in this class too and really enjoyed working with everyone. Learning to work on productions with everyone in pre-production time and planning time was a very interesting and fun experience. Time managment for productions was key. I also just have to say, we all had some seriously excellent acting. Movie stars, each and every one.

As a final farewell, I just wanted to stress how fun it was getting to meet all of you and creating such awesome accomplishments with you all. I can't wait for next semester to see some of you in advanced production. Hopefully that class will be just as fun for us. If any of you guys ever wanna hang out maybe film so stuff and make awesome movies, let me know. To Allyson I had a really good time this semester and I wish you the best of luck with your move back and with your career. I enjoyed you as a teacher as I think, we all did. Best of luck EVERYONE and have a fantastic summer.

Best wishes and most depressing goodbyes,

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