Prompt #11 - Wrap up: Brian


It was really cool to see the differences between our first and third productions. Obviously our first productions were pretty rough since it was all of our first times doing anything like this, but I didn't think they were awful. In my first production I remember feeling very stressed being the first group to film and having almost no idea what was going on. I think one of the biggest things we were able to improve from the first production was lighting. Our first production was very dark even though we wanted it that dark, it got way too dark. I think overall our lighting got a lot better throughout the entire class. As we got further into the semester we added a lot of new aspects to our productions so it is very interesting to look at all the new techniques in the productions. I think the biggest change from the first productions to the last productions is the fluidity of the projects. I think as we all got to know each other better e started to be ourselves more and that came out in the projects. It is easy to see that the performances by the talent improved drastically. I think we all started having a lot more fun as the semester progressed and that was clear in the productions.
I think my favorite aspect of the class is that we all had a chance to work with each member of the group for each production, whether it was on our ATL team or BTL. I loved being able to work with the same people in different roles every time. I think once we were all able to get to know each other and feel comfortable things became a lot more fun. Having a whole different team each time really helped to make sure each production had its own individual flavor, that was really cool.
My advice to future 3201ers would be to plan out your studio time. It really helps to have a set plan of what you want to accomplish. Also, don't stress out when a problem arises, because you don't have to solve it alone, you have your whole ATL to help and oftentimes BTL will help out too. Just be open to trying things that might make you nervous (like directing) because you'll have a lot more fun.

Finally to my wonderful classmates and our fearless leader Allyson: You were all so awesome this semester. I truly had a blast working with all of you whether it was on my ATL team or my BTL team. I won't be there to take the final with you guys this Saturday, but I wish I could. I'm holding out hope that some of you will be in my advanced production class next semester! Thanks to all of you for making this semester a total blast!

P.S. Sexy Six Forever!


Ya know Brian, some of us weren't include in the sexy six, and it made us feel bad. But seriously, it was good getting to work with you this semester and great job on this last production in terms of your own group and as our BTL. You made an excellent Shafterwood. I think you are right in saying our first projects were rough, they were exactly that, unpolished. They needed some work and I think we did that seeing as we really stepped it up late in the game. Have a good summer man!

sexy six fo lyfe. sexy class, rather. we're all pretty sexy...i'd say

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