Prompt #11 Wrap-Up - Lindsey

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After looking over Production One and Production Three, I can't help but feel a sense of pride. I think the work, not only that I have done, but our class as a whole, has improved tremendously in terms of the quality of lighting, sophistication, sound design, etc., and in terms of working as a team. In Production One, I think we did the best we knew how at the time. It's definitely a different experience from reading all the things that you are suppose to do, and then actually doing it. For example, when talking about lighting I thought it would be something so simple and when actually setting up the lighting for the first production, it was evident that I really didn't know what I was doing, because although in the studio the set looked bright, on camera it was a different story. Another thing I noticed from Production One to Production Three was the sophistication of our projects in that we were adding more elements such as sound design, focusing more on blocking, and shot composition. This is very clear in comparing Production One to Production Three in that everything seems pretty stiff in Production One. There isn't really any purposeful sound cues, blocking, or shot composition. When looking at Production Three, it's drastically different. For example, my group used the rule of thirds and pulling of the frame to really illustrate that the frat bro and sorority chick had no interest in each other and were more concerned with their phones.
As in working as a team, I don't really know if I can say that we ever really had a problem with that, besides a random member of the group not showing the day of production and dropping the class. I think it became easier throughout the semester just because we got more comfortable with each other and were able to be our goofy selves.
My advice for future fellow 3201-ers would be to take studio time (outside of class) seriously. There were plenty of times where we really should have used that time more successfully so that the day of production we weren't still trying to figure stuff out.

Last words: I'm really bumming that I won't be there Saturday to celebrate with all of you. I had such an amazing time this semester getting to know each and every one of you! You guys are awesome and next semester will never be the same without our Tuesday/Thursday elevator rides where we all were packed in like sardines. Like I've said from day one, I hope if you see me around campus, you won't be afraid to say hi... because if I happen to spot you first, you best believe you'll receive an embarrassing hug.

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