Prompt # 11 Wrap-Up Courtney

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Looking at our production from project #1 to #3 was actually shocking, I cant believe how much we all improved from our first project to our last. It seemed to be a reoccurring theme in all of our projects that they were really dark. Im not sure if we were worried about adding to much light or what but they all seemed like we could add a couple more lights. It was also interesting to see how quickly we picked up on all the knowledge of the studio. It just goes to show that when working hands on you can learn things very quickly.

WIthin all the groups I feel like as a whole we got along very well which made the productions that much better. We were able to give constructive criticism and then channel it in a positive way for our projects. I also think that because we became so comfortable with one another it made us not be so nervous to act in front of the camera, which also made the productions much better.

For students entering into this class I would just say keep an open mind, and like any other class don't be so intimidated by the first day of class when all the information is thrown at you. It was a super fun class and gives you a chance to work with your classmates and make some friends rather than just sitting next to someone for 6 months who you never talk to.

My final words to everyone is bon voyage!! I had such a blast this semester working with all of you and getting to know you it really was a cherry to my final semester of college!! YAHOOO graduation in t minus 2 days!! Cant wait!! Good luck everyone on the rest of your schooling!

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