Prompt #11: Wrap Up

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At the beginning of the semester, I went into the class thinking that making good looking productions would be a piece of cake. After the first production, I had to totally rethink that idea. The lighting and camera shots in my first production were really lacking. The lighting turned out to be one of the hardest things throughout all of the productions. The lights would look good to the eye but then not good on the camera. It definitely took some time to perfect good lighting and how to execute it. You can definitely see the progress on how well lit scenes were when you take a look at all of the different productions. Like I said earlier, the camera shot compositions were definitely lacking from the start but got a lot better as the productions progressed. The shots in production one were out of focus, not steady, and weren't very good at all. By the end of production three, we had a lot more experience and the shots were much more artistic and looked a lot better. I really enjoyed working as a team and it definitely helped make our productions look a lot better once we perfected our specific jobs within the productions. For students who are incoming into this class, I would definitely emphasize how important it is to get a rehearsal and practice in before the day of the shoot. Going in after class and setting up the flats, lighting, and setting up the camera shots was something that was extremely important and saved a lot of time on the day of the shoot. Overall, it was a very fun class and it was very interesting learning how to use the equipment and create some great productions.

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