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After finishing production 3 there were a lot of things that I learned over the course of this semester. The most important thing I noticed was the improvement on basically every aspect of live-to-tape production. Not only were both the ATL and BTL roles performed more effectively, but the way we all worked together was strong and efficient.

There were many improvements from Production 1 to 3. For me personally, I was assigned Lighting Director for both Prod. 1 and 3, so I had the chance to address the mistakes I made at the beginning of this semester. We all seemed to lack sufficient lighting in the first production, and I felt like the majority of shots were too dark and gloomy. However, by the last project, I took what I learned from before and made sure I had sufficient lighting. This involved more fill lights than I originally assumed, but it just goes to show that on a set, more lighting is better than less. I think another major improvement would be the efficiency in every group. By the end, we all knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Our first production seemed more unorganized and loose compared to the tight and focused roles in Prod. 3. It just goes to show how quickly a group of people can learn how to operate equipment and work in a manner that evokes the best in everyone. We all seemed to work with more confidence and less hesitation than when we first started out. I know for me, doing things like situating lights on the ladder was intimidating. But the more time I was able to spend working with the lights and figuring out how to do it, I was able to work much more smoothly and efficiently. Also, knowing how to work with the equipment opened up the door for more creativity in the groups because we were all more comfortable and knew what would and would not work in the studio.

My advice to future 3201-ers would be to learn as much as you can during studio training. The faster you can learn how to operate everything, the more fun and easier the production will be. Personally, I didn't pay much attention on the role of TD during training, and when I had to finally be the TD in Prod. 3, I was a lot more stressed out and confused than I should have been. So my advice is to not be intimidated, and be open to try everything right away and get used to the equipment as best as you can.

Final words...
I really enjoyed learning the inner workings of productions. It really changed the way I view television shows, and there a little things that I now notice that I would not have if I didn't take this course. I had fun working with all of you and I think we all enjoyed our company (especially the elevator rides after class). I know a bunch of us our taking 3204 next year so I hope to see a lot of you all again.
Thanks again.

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