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I was super excited to get going in this class. I really didn't think it would be as complicated as it was. When we were doing production one, it was like an experiment. I don't think anyone really knew what was going on, but we all pulled off the first production and did pretty well anyways. Similarly to the entire class, the lighting was definitely the biggest issue in my first production. I didn't think so much light was needed to make the talent visible. We even had to add another light after a few takes because it was just too damn dark. All of that greatly improved by the third production. I think the third productions were greatly improved because we learned a lot through experience and because our class became closer throughout the semester. I think one of the most difficult parts about this kind of work is the fear of hurting someone's feelings. When someone pitches an idea to their group and the idea is not a good one, it actually takes a lot to say no, that's not really a good idea when compared to this other one. I feel like the fact that we became more comfortable with our classmates made it much easier to create higher quality productions. But our productions greatly improved throughout the semester in every aspect of productions. We had more daring shot compositions, smoother transitions between shots, better acting, more fun. It was awesome to see everyone improve.
My biggest piece of advice to future 3201 students would be to practice as much as you can. I know the productions I was involved with could have been much better had we been more prepared on shooting day. Sure we were plenty prepared and made awesome productions, but they could have been way more awesomer yo.
This class was beast. I loved it. You guys were beast too. Having talkative, funny and awesome classmates is not what usually happens in U of M classes, at least in my experience. So I thank you. If I don't see you again, have an awesome life! But to those of you in 3204 next Fall... LET'S GO!

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