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There is definitely a sharp contrast between productions one and three for my ATL groups. In production one, everything was very simple, we were just trying to get a feel for a real-time live-to-tape production and with production three, we were a lot more comfortable in the studio and were able to do a few things that were much more effective than in the first project. Lighting is the main difference between the two; production one was extremely dark, impossible to see any of the flats and really difficult to see all of the talent throughout the scene. This had to do with the spacey feel we were going for, but we definitely could have made use of some better back lighting and overall more lighting in general. In the third production, we had great lighting. Granted, the scene was supposed to have a much cheerier, daytime feel to it. But regardless, it was a lot more effective. Our sound was also a lot better in production three than in one. We had a few interesting cues in production one, but we had a solid backing track in three and a really effective dialing sound. I think there was a major improvement on the overall levels of the sound in production three as well; it took a while for us to realize how loud everything has to be, especially in relation to what it will sound like through computer speakers. I like production three a lot better. As a team, I think we worked really well in all of the productions, but obviously in production three we were the most comfortable with each other as group members and it contributed to a really fun, but efficient work environment. But like I said, I had a great group experience with every production I was a part of.

The advice I would give someone who is just about to start a semester of 3201 would be to not let the requirements and work load intimidate you. If you look at it as a super fun opportunity to work with some really nice equipment in a really cool environment on campus, and you get school credit on top of it, you'll see that it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

I had a lot of fun in this class, it's definitely one of my favorites that I have taken thus far at the U. To my classmates, y'all are the bombest. Hopefully I'll see a lot of you in 3204 next semester. We should all grab a beer sometime, yeah?

peace and love, all


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