Wrap UP: Aaron Bergland

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Looking back on the three different productions that I was a part of on ATL and the three I was a part of on BTL, I feel like each productions had their strong points and should not be disregarded because of sequential order of each shoot. Although, I do agree that over all there was definite progress made from the production ones to production threes, I think it's important to remember that our roles had changed in each production. In other words, I was just as unaccustomed to being the audio controller in production three as I was being floor director in production one. Therefore, what I think helped us become better in our new roles in later productions wasn't from our own personal learning experience, but our observations between each production of where we could approve upon going forward into our next set of productions. A lot of the first productions lacked enough diegetic and non-diegetic sounds in comparison to the production twos. Whereas the third productions were more focused on non-diegetic sounds to best imitate the commercials that we were poking fun at. The greatest improvement came from our lighting. I think everyone agrees that the lighting in the first set of productions simply lacked enough light on each of the talents faces. In the second, and especially the third production each group did a much better job creating the proper lighting for each scene. This class has given me a brand new appreciation for those who work in live-to-tape production professionally. It is much more challenging than I would've ever imagined. This class was a great experience. I very much enjoined working with everyone and would like to thank everyone for their hard work and effort!

Best regards,
Aaron Bergland

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