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After reviewing all of my productions, I realized that my work has improved greatly. Overall, the projects were done better and had much better lighting designs. I think that was the most noticeable difference throughout the projects. Lighting is a very important part of productions and when it is even a little bit off, it is extremely noticeable. Also, sound design is very important and adding music or sound effects really enhance most productions. This was very evident in the transition between the first and second productions. The first one seemed a little boring and unnatural as there was no sound other than the talent's voices. The second and third productions that we did were much more life-like and natural.
I also really enjoyed the production process and working with a team. To make a solid production, the ATL members need to be on the same page and willing to listen to other's ideas. I was privileged to work with great directors who were decisive and accepting of all ideas. I think the key to being a good ATL member was to not take things personally. For example, if you have an idea, bring it to the director and if they decide to take that idea and use it or not, don't let that discourage you. Making a production is a collaborative process and you have to be flexible and voice your opinions/ideas.
Some advice I would give to students taking this class in the future is to always be prepared. Pre-production time is very valuable and needs to be taken seriously. The in studio pre-production is necessary and is a great time to figure out lighting/set designs. I think that we didn't really take this time seriously in the first production and as a result, were a bit unprepared for the actual shooting day.
Overall this class was very fun and I had a great time working with everyone!

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