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Hello everyone, this is Allyson. I'll get us started. One of the best things I've done somewhat recently was to take a canopy tour in the Blueridge Mountains. Basically, it's a lot of zip-lining between trees (like this person) and a tiny bit of rappelling. It was amazing. I can't wait to take another canopy tour. I would love to take a Redwood canopy tour sometime.

In addition to teaching COMM 3201 and writing about the digital game industry, I love watching TV. I'm particularly into sci-fi/fantasy/superhero related shows, very silly comedies, and all sorts of shows from the '90s. This clip is from a show that fits solidly in the "silly" category. "Look Around You" is a British comedy that spoofs 1970s/1980s educational films. I love the writing, and I appreciate the detail with which they created an aesthetic appropriate to the genre & time period, from sound design to set design to performance & video quality. (The "Maths" episode is one of my favorites, but it's a bit longer - just under 9 minutes).

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