Light & Lighting for the movie Ghost

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This clip is from a movie called "Ghost." The lighting in the end scene is so prominent that I decided it would be good to analyze.
If you haven't seen the movie, be prepared for spoilers. First off, Sam (Patrick Swayze) gets murdered in the beginning of the movie and stays around as a ghost to protect his love interest, Molly (Demi Moore). As the movie progresses we find out who murdered Sam. Sam will try anything to protect Molly, but because ghosts can't be seen or heard it is hard for him to do so. Latter he learns how to move objects as a ghost and also meets Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), a medium, who can hear him and helps him out. This scene follows immediately after the death of the "bad guy" in the movie.
Since Sam was only a ghost so he could protect Molly, this last scene shows his goodbye and him being lifted to heaven. The lighting at first is dimly focused on both Molly and Sam's faces. We then see a light appear that becomes brighter and brighter from behind Sam that allows Molly to finally see her loved one. This brightening light exemplifies the heavens coming to take Sam, but allows him his last goodbye to Molly. The same light also embraces Molly, symbolizing the good in her life now arriving. The backlight from behind Sam, which also flickers onto Molly, represents their ongoing flame of love in their hearts. By using a lot of low key lighting in this scene it really contrasts both Molly's and Sam's facial expressions towards each other making the emotion that much more powerful.
As you can see these lighting choices in this scene are very important to the meaning and helps tie the movie together.

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