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Hello everyone, my name is Yanfei. You guys can call me Johnny. I am from China. I am really glad to study in University of Minnesota. I am really interested in photography. I just went to Louisiana and Texas during the winter break, and I took a lot of photos. The ten days trip was really awesome, and I saw a lot of interesting thing, such as cow boys culture and some wild animals.

As for movies, I think I like Die Hard series best, and I have watched them many times. Even though some of my friends said Die hard series are not real, which cannot happen in the real life. I think movie is always a tool which can show something that people wish they can do. Also, I really like Bruce Wills' acting in the movie. Unlike some roles having some super natural power in some movies, in Die Hard series, he acts like a normal people. There are no exaggeration when fighting with his enemies. The only thing may be sometimes he is so lucky that he is so hard to die. Besides, he always says a lot of funny things and witty idioms even though he is under dangerous situation. I really wish I could speak English as funny as him. Here below is the movie trailer of DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE.

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