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This image is from the movie Fast Five acted by Vin Diesel. This image shows that Dominic Toretto who is the leader of car stealers and his partner Brian had negotiating to his enemy in the car workshop. I think it is a good example of using color effectively because the saturation, color symbol, colors harmony, the brightness, ect closely related to plot, which is a good color choices. I think the color is so harmony because it follows a principle that the color is close to each other or on opposite sides of it on the hue circle. We can see that yellow light and yellow skin tone and the foreground is similar color and the black door and black clothes is similar color; but the black and yellow is opposite color. The similarity and opposite create color harmony, which is a good choice. The color of the slight deviation from the main hue. The main hue in this picture is reddish, so I judge that the hue is warm. The brightness of this picture is low because the light in the workshop is dark and the amount of the nature light from the upper little window is small. The image has high contrast since the hue and brightness of the background and foreground has much difference. The background is the black door with yellow nature light above and the foreground is the yellow light. The high contract creates high color energy also. High energy makes us more excited while low energy make us cool down. This image is kind of high energy because there has high contrast and reddish that makes us excited. It is desaturation because the color is not very intense. Though it uses red for the main tone, but the light is not bright. The light is not bright enough, and the darker light is softer, so the saturation is not high. We can see the reddish in the yellow light. The amount of red imply bloody, enemy, aggressive and fighting symbol. Also, the color symbol related to the inner orientation functions of color--it is the psychological inner and mood of the image, audience can feel it is not positive side.

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That is a bad ass picture. The way the sun is on Vin Diesel's body shows off this power. The sun light coming from screen left also leaves nice shadows. I would call this predictive light as we know something awesome is going to happen next. The color temperature is high energy and is contrasted with his black shirt. Bad ass.

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