Dance Central's Use of Color

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While looking at this still image from Dance Central you can see that the game exemplifies a compelling use of color. Dance Central is a dance video game for the Xbox Kinect system with realistic graphics and popular music. It is very interactive and the kinect system has the ability to sense what moves your whole body is doing. Once a player selects the song of their choice they can see what moves are coming up next by looking at the cards on the side of the screen. They can also see how well they did by looking at the color of the card with the dance move they just finished, as well as how many points they have.

This game shows a perfect example of high and low-energy color distribution. As you can see from the picture I attached, the background uses low-energy distribution while the foreground uses high-energy distribution so that the foreground is paid more attention to by the player. This color technique is very helpful in the game because it helps you be able to focus on your dancer, corrections, and dance move cards. The brightness level of the dancers in the game are lower than the corrections that pop up so that the player's eye goes straight to what they did wrong, or right, while dancing. This use of color is actually quite brilliant because it creates a focus for the player, which helps them know how to improve their skills and get a higher score. I believe the game makers made the corrections and encouraging words that pop up on the screen highly saturated warm colors so that the player wants to keep going. By using these kinds of colors the player will have a good upbeat mood while playing the game.

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I can see what you mean by the high energy colors. The clothes and color choice of the player do make them stand pop out from the back ground. This is especially more significant because this is animation. There are more way to manipulate color choices.

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