Warm color and Cold color



This picture is from movie Silent Hill. I really like this movie because the color used in this movie can correctly portray the environment in this movie. Especially, the warm color and cold color are used very perfectly. As we know, it is generally assumed that red is warm and blue is cold. Warm colors can give audience a sense of excitement, whereas cold color can dampen our mood. Nowadays, most of horror movies use cold color a lot to portray the scary feeling. For example, in the silent hill world, such as the picture showed above, the filmmaker makes the whole environment tend to be bluish. With the horrifying woman appearance in the movie, it can give audience an even more frightened feeling. In addition, I really like the ending part of Silent Hill because the filmmaker uses the contrast between the real world and silent hill world. In the real world, the filmmaker uses warmer color to show an energetic world. The sunshine makes people feel very warm. Also, audience can feel the energetic real world that is very close to their lives. On the contrary, in the silent hill world, there is no sunshine. Instead, the environment tends to be foggy and cloudy. Everywhere looks very bluish, which can make people feel scary. People may think this kind of environment is strange compared to the really world. Thus, warm color and cold color are very important color skill in making movie. That's because the warm color can bring people more energetic feeling and excitement. The cold color can give people a horrific feeling.


This is a good example of color choice. For a horror film, this cold and desaturated image is a good fit to give an eerie and scary feeling. Even the slight green on the talent who is closest to the screen isolates the her from the rest of the talent who are all dressed in very natural colors.

Personally I have never seen this movie but I do agree by looking at the picture and trailer that the movie has a good use of color choice. For the Silent Hill scenes it uses cold dull colors to give that eeire feeling and warm colors to represent the happy scenes outside Silent Hill.

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