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This image from the movie Inception builds depth effectively. Since this scene is a dream sequence, things must look realistic for the dreamer to believe it. Although, the architect is playing around with the rules and folds the scene on top of the other, the depth remains realistic. This is also very important so that the audience can picture it as just a different state of mind. The graphic designers made sure that their image followed correct rules with volume and depth, where the depth especially holds the believability.

First off, there are multiple overlapping planes. Dom covers the buildings on the left and therefore is in front it. The overhang of the storefront covers the road showing that it is closer and in front of it as well. Another aspect of depth shown is relative size, which is authentic throughout the image. For example, the cars in the bottom right hand corner of the picture are larger, meaning that they are closer to the audience. The linear perspective is prominent when observing the road as well. The parallel lines for the road converge in the distance. Also to show the effect that the scene is folding onto itself, the parallel lines of the road start curved to the left, then curve to the right at the point where the scene is raised. This also happens to be the vanishing point of the picture, since all of the lines lead to it and it is such an important focus for the audience to understand what is going on in the scene. Lastly, the farther away something is in this picture the more blurred they appear. This is a good way for the graphic designers to play with the depth of the field and make the scene keep some realism.

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This is such a unique choice, I like how there is depth at such a different angle.

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