G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

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This clip is from the movie G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (2009). This movie talks about the special force named G.I. Joe tries to stop a mysterious organization called Cobra which used newly invented biochemical weapon to destroy a French landmark in a second. I choose this clip because the point of view in this clip works very well. It is known that point of view refers to the camera's simulating the index vector of a particular person or persons on-screen. As we can see, the pilot is trying to shoot down the biochemical weapon. When the pilot is aiming to the biochemical weapon, the filmmaker uses a point of view shot accompanied with many shots that filmed from other directions. This can give the audience a feeling that being personally in the movie. After the biochemical bomb explodes, it starts to erode the plane. The filmmaker uses one more point of view shot of the green biochemical stuff which is eroding the plane. Overall, these point of view shots are objective viewpoint to subjective point of view. As the reading says, "the most common way of using point of view is to have the camera first focus on a person looking in a particular direction and then follow with a shot of what the person sees." In these shots, we can obviously see the pilot's facial expression which shows his bravery and calmness. The filmmaker wants to emphasize that even though in this crucial moment, the pilot is calm enough to shoot down the biochemical weapon, and eliminate all the biochemical stuff.

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I think this is a great example because of the fact that there is only one pilot in this scene. This can show that not only does point of view distinguish connections between talent and the surrounding area (i.e. if there were a group of pilots it would probably be used to clarify who is shooting where and at who), but it also can help the audience make a connection with the talent in the scene, thus drawing them into the movie even more.

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