Prompt #7: Visualization and production design

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#7: Visualization and production design. Post by 8 pm March 12.
Find a still image or clip from a television show, film or videogame or provides a compelling example of one of the visualization concepts discussed in the reading, or that serves as an interesting example of production design.

Post the link to your image or clip and briefly introduce it (tell us what movie or show it's from, provide a little context). Then explain the concept(s) or technique(s) it exemplifies. What choices were made? What kind of an impact do those choices have?

Be sure to reference specific concepts covered in the readings in your response. You might, for example, consider inductive or deductive sequences; low angle and high angle shots; subjective camera; point of view; mise-en-scene; shallow space; deep space; or deep focus.

Please use the tag #visualization for this post.

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