Prompt #9: Commercials & parody

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9: Commercials and Parody. Post by 8pm April 16.
Find and share a clip that you believe counts as a parody. The parody you share may be from a television show or movie, or it may be something created for the small/mobile screen (i.e., something someone made and shared on youtube or vimeo, etc).

After providing any background/context you feel is necessary to understand the parody, clearly identify what it is that you feel is being parodied. In other words, why can this clip be considered a parody? What is it parodying?

Note: While your examples can be parodies of any number of things, I especially encourage you to share parodies of commercials (if you know of/can find one), as they are particularly relevant to our work for the remainder of the semester.

Please use the tag #parody for this post.

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