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This is a clip from the movie Spider-Man (2002). In this clip Spider-Man runs into a burning building because he believes that there is a woman in need of rescuing. Once in the building he realizes that this is a trap set my his arch enemy, the Green Goblin. The confrontation breaks out between the two of them in the middle of the room being engulfed in flames. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin stand at opposite ends of the room and the Green Goblin begins to throw his signature weapon at Spider-Man: the pumpkin bomb.

I chose this clip because as the pumpkin bombs are being launched Spider-Man is seen dodging them in slow motion. This use of slow motion gives off an aesthetic feeling as if Spider-Man is free from gravity (Zettl 267). Slow motion for this scene was a good choice because it allows us to see everything that is going on with Spider-Man instead of the weapons flying by at the pace they actually are.



I think this is a great example ofshooting more frames per second. The use of slow motion in this clip is a great choice because not only does it make the audience focus on the fact that spider-man is dodging the weapon, but it also emphasizes the fact that what he sees while he is fighting is different than what we see while watching him fight. This might be used to create more of a connection between the audience and the main character.

I agree, the slow motion can reflect that spider man is really so flexible that he can move quickly in a second to dodge all darts shot by Green Goblin. This kind of slow motion is widely used in some action movies because it can exaggerate people's fighting actions. Also, I think slow motion can be used to portray some important split second, such as athletes who are passing the finishing point. Anyway, slow motion is really a good method in portraying some important split second.

The slow motion really is a great choice for this. Like everyone else has said, it shows us how Spider-Man reacts to the attack, and the slow motion shows just how quick and agile he is. We switch to seeing each individual spinning blade and the slow fire in the background to support Spider-Man's abilities.

This is such a great example of time and motion. The separation it creates really emphasizes his super human powers and how he isn't like the rest of us. It also creates that excitement within the audience when it goes into slow motion. I wonder how much animation they had to do to this scene especially for the slow motion part.

Matrix. In action movies, using slow time and slow motion is almost vital. It can create a sense of suspense and increase the energy. It also lets us see the actions more clearly. It would be otherwise boring if we cannot see what is going on. It makes things much more interesting and more entertaining to see that sort of action.

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