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For this post I want to show a clip from the dance movie Stomp the Yard. This particular clip is actually as you will see the first scene of the movie, showing two crews battling for prize money. The reason I chose this scene is because it uses multiple time and motion techniques. The first example that shows up can be found in the first few shots actually. From 0:20 to 0:45 there is a series of shots that utilize high frame density and more frames per second than the standard amount due to the fact that they are in slow motion. An even more specific example is at 0:40 when one of the slow motion shots shows a face, or in this cases faces, clearly for the first time, signifying that they two talents are important (and actually a few minutes later we find out that they are indeed two main characters of the film). Then, for the rest of the scene that includes the talent dancing, you will notice that the shots drastically change. The density of the frame is lowered and there are less frames per second to show accelerated motion and increase emphasis on the intensity of the dancing that is happening throughout the scene. (my apologies if its harder to see because the quality isn't as good as a dvd, etc.) Not only do the shots show accelerated motion, but after the slow motion portion of the opening scene passes each of the following shots becomes shorter and there are more of them. This also adds emphasis to the speed, power, and the intensity of the dancing that the director obviously wanted to capture.


I thought it was really smart of them to start off slow and show the dance in slow motion because it gave us a feel of their emotions when dancing. I also like how it quickly went fast right after they showed Chris Brown's face with that other guy because it looked like their expressions were watching the dances closely then all of a sudden the dance movements were going at a rapid pace.

I love this type of movie and how they utilize multiple ways to film the actors and their movements. It gives the audience a feel for the actual movements and gives them different perspectives. I love slow motion on dance movements it shows the movements in detail.

I think this is a really great example of time and motion and was cool that they used it right in the beginning of the movie! For me it kind of sets the tone of the movie right away! I loved how It went from really slow motion to fast within the first couple shots. I thought that gave it a really cool effect which grabbed my attention right away.

I definitely agree with Rob. When I saw this movie for the first time, I recall there being a distinct slow beginning where many different skills and dance were highlighted through the slow motion. The slow motion as well as the fast zooms and pans of the video definitely emphasizes the fast and driven atmosphere the dancing actual is.

A lot of times in dance movies, time and motion is very important. They like to replay actions a lot to emphasis the energy it brings. Motion is also slowed down a lot of times so we can see the motion more clearly. They can also do rewinds to see the actions from multiple angles. Dance movies are flashy.

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