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Might wanna turn the volume down if you're gonna watch this entire video. There are abrupt loud sounds here and there.

Anyways, skip to 2:50 of the video and you should see the main character, Ben Braddock, running towards the camera on the sidewalk. Excuse the poor quality of the video. He's running, but it initially seems like he's going nowhere. This is the final scene from The Graduate where Ben is trying to get to his lover to stop her from marrying another man. It can be a bit intense because we're not sure whether or not he'll make it in time.

EDIT: So apparently they used telephoto lens, not wide angle. My bad.

Using wide-angle lens, Ben is made to look smaller and at a distance. The reading mentions that "The perceived speed with which an object moves
toward or away from the camera along the z-axis is greatly determined by the
focal length of the zoom lens position." I'm not sure how to explain the z-axis like my calc teachers did, but I'm sure you all know what it is. Wide-angle lens have a shorter focal length, which makes objects in the background appear to be much further away than they really are. The reading also mentions that the lens exaggerates the speed of the object which is moving. As you can see in the clip, Ben doesn't look like he's moving much at all.


I really like this clip because the director uses a extremely long shot to show how toughly he runs and how long the time he spends while he is running. That's because using extremely long shot can make a person, who is walking towards camera, look slow. In this situation, the director take advantage of extremely long shot to portray how hard the man talent trying to catch up with the wedding.

This is a great example of how shot composition can enhance time and motion to your advantage. The long shot of Ben exemplifies how hard his challenge is to run all the way to the alter. I've seen this movie, and this shot sequence is very indicative of the main character. Everything is out of reach and a struggle, and this shot is meant to be the "aha" moment as he overcomes adversity and makes it to the alter, albeit too late.

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