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Prompt #11: Wrap-up (required).

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#11: Wrap-up (required). Post by 8 pm May 13.
For this post, please review your projects for Production One and Production Three. How has your work improved from Project One to Project Three - in terms of production (e.g., quality of lighting; sophistication of sound design, etc.) and/or in terms of working as a production team? Also, what advice would you give to someone just beginning in 3201?

Finally, do you have any parting words for your fellow 3201-ers?

Please tag this post #final.




For this post I chose a Rocky training montage to exemplify the Audio/Video montage. At this point in the movie, Rocky is going through some intense training for his title fight against heavy weight champion of the world, Apollo Creed. This is a pretty famous scene which has been duplicated and cited in pop culture and everyday life many times. Much of what makes this a great scene is the way the song and the visuals work together bring out the emotion involved. There is no song in the history of songs, nor will there be in the future that could better evoke the emotion of this scene. I by no means ever want to find myself inside of a ring with a heavy weight champion but if I do, I will listen to this song while I train for it.

I had a hard time deciding whether it was a sequential or sectional analytical montage. At first I thought sequential because it shows the start of his training and then progression to the end of his training. However, I also see how it could be sectional because training is one part of the bigger story, so by focusing on the training it is not advancing the plot.

Editing and Visual Narrative


This is a scene in Stanley Kubrick's film A Space Odyssey (2001). This scene is famous for its use of jump cuts. A jump cut is a type of editing technique in which an object seeems to jump or jerk from one screen position to another (Zettl 219). I liked this example because you see this angry ape throw a stick into the air. As the stick is coming down the camera rapidly jumps to a spaceship out in space. It does not follow the editing for continuity model at all! But that is what makes this movie and scene so memorable!





For editing and visualization I chose one of my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games. This is the scene from when the Hunger Games first begins. At first this shows good examples of jump cuts. It cuts from showing all the weapons in the cornucopia to all the tributes standing in their spots. It then cuts to Katniss then back to the weapons. It jumps around from clips of the clock counting down, to their feet and to some of the other faces. This jump cut sequence helps create suspense and to show the intensity of this moment in this movie. This is the scene right before many of these kids last few moments of their lives. They did a great job of getting all the important clips that are significant to these scene. They should many of the tributes ready to go and some of the tributes you can sense fear. After these jump cuts I thought the scene does a good job of switching to continually editing. It shows all the tributes running to the cornucopia as fast as they can grabbing supplies. It shows some of the tributes getting killed or killing people but overall I thought it was edited in a good way to get the whole affect of getting good logical timing between what it is happening in this scene. With such an intense scene it is hard to capture every part of it but they manage to do it very well. I thought this scene was edited in a great way to capture the up tempo scene to match how it was described in the book. This is often times very hard when making movies that came from books because the readers expect it to happen their way.



This is the video from the movie "Fast and Five". The scene I choose is when Vin Diesel and his enemies were fighting and Vin diesel jumped out from the top floor in the air. I think this scene shoot very cool. Here it applies the continuity editing. This editing makes the scene more clarify and intense in the way of selecting and sequencing of the scene how he jumped from the rooftop to the air. This is an on-screen shot that the first shot matches with the second show in the camera`s viewpoint to maintain the viewer's mental map. When we see Vin Diesel`s enemies are running after Vin Diesel on the stairs of the rooftop and Vin Diesel kept running to the end of the rooftop, the next shot is when he jumping in the air from the rooftop. We would imagine what happened when he kept running to the edge of the rooftop. I knew there would be some place else when he planned to jump when I watching the video. We audience have to follow the index vector when Vin Diesel running to the edge of the rooftop of the shot one and extend it into shot two that he jumped in the air into a lower rooftop from the top. This extension leads audiences` eyes to a visual map in a more exciting picture, which in our expectation and it relates to the theme of this film. These two shots are connected very well in a space sequence. There are much enough information and connections for us to track and think in both shot to compose a visual map in our mind.

Prompt 10 #editing

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Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 4.08.51 PM.pngA jump cut is a gap in a scene so that something seems to be missing. The two shots vary slightly and give the effect of jumping forward in time. I chose this clip from the movie breathless. George Melies is known for creating the jump cut on accident. He wanted to make the cuts seem more like an illusion rather than a gap. In this movie the thief is trying to persuade the girl to hide in italy with him.




In this scene of Escape to Witch Mountain, There are many different motion vector lines, one that is between the driver (Dwayne Johnson) and the children in the back seat. They flip between the front and back seat. The small area makes it easy to establish and the camera location helps to establish the location of the characters in the car and that there is not a person in the passenger seat. The motion vector line is seen during the beginning when he initially gets into the car and they start driving, then after he stops you see the index vertex line. I like this scene for this because it uses multiple lines and is a fast pace scene to watch.



This is a parody of the well known Dove commercials, they are some of my favorite. During the original they show "normal" women and show how much they go through, makeup, hair, and editing to give us the image we see in advertisements. They show the whole process in laps time. The original uses Imaginary consumer voice, to show us that their product truly understands how we feel and to say that you always wanted this type of product to learn to accept yourself. This parody uses the same time laps technique to show and asian man "transformed" into a famous person (zac efron). They make fun of the irony that the dove commercial has that a company is using technology to convince you that they truly understand when they are using the same technology. Both of these pull at our heart strings each in its own way. The original that all other media is wrong, the parody that ALL media is wrong.

Prompt #10: Editing & visual narrative.

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#10: Editing & visual narrative. Post by 8 pm April 21.
Find a clip from a television show, film or video game that you feel provides a compelling example of one of the editing concepts discussed in the reading.

Post the link to your image or clip and briefly introduce it (tell us what movie or show it's from, provide a little context). Then explain the editing concept(s) or technique(s) it exemplifies. What editing choices were made? What kind of an impact do those choices have?

Be sure to reference specific concepts covered in the Zettl reading in your response. You might, for example, consider continuity editing; the 30 degree rule; jump cuts; complexity editing; or one of the various types of montages. If you share an example of an idea associative montage, please identify which kind of idea associative montage it is.

Please tag this post #editing.



I apologize in advance for the quality but it was the only one i could find of the whole scene.


So for this post I was actually reminded of a great example during class today when the SNL skit was played. The clip I want to show is also starring Will Ferrel from SNL but uses different aspects of commercial strategies to make this parody work. The clip makes fun of infomercials and their attempts to sell their products that are nine times out of ten, ridiculous. The biggest advertisement strategy in this scene would have to be Dramatic Realism. The mock commercial exaggerates how much work owning a dog is, in this case, that owning one is so much work that beating or starving your dog is socially acceptable and completely normal. The parody is exemplified here because it's obvious that beating and/or starving your dog or any animal for that matter isn't really morally sound. SNL also uses Psychic Byproducts as another strategy. In this case SNL is implying that if you by the video set offered in the commercial, you will learn efficient (but violent) ways to break your dog's bad habits. Examples from the clip include fussy eating habits, going to the bathroom in the house, and jumping up onto furniture. Other aspects that make this clip a parody is that one, it definitely identifies particular traits of the original type including soft, "homey" music in the background, and two, the entire clip is completely exaggerated. A specific example of this would be at 1:58 where Will Ferrel uses the F bomb towards the dog when obviously any commercial, even ones expressing frustration or anger, would not allow profanity within their production.

Parody Commercial


I chose an SNL commercial that was aired last year. I thought this one was particularly good because they make fun of those "perfect" families that are always on those cold and flu commercials. They never really have anyone on the real commercials who over exaggerates when they sneeze so I thought Will Ferrell did a great job.
This would be considered a parody because it is taking a product and commercial we see countless amounts of time and adding a humorous, over exaggerated twist to it. Kristin Wiig plays a mom who is supposed to be caring, gentle, and calm because she doesn't want to get sick or have the cold passed on to her kids. But Will Ferrell comes in and is just super annoying with his loud and weird sneezes. So in a real commercial, the mom would never be annoyed, she would just be caring, so for the parody, they made her super anger and annoyed every time he sneezed.




This is a bad lip-reading of NFL players and coaches. Basically they took the sound out of the original videos and produced their own interpretation of what these players and coaches were saying. This is a parody because it mocks the NFL. It makes them look really stupid. NFL players are worshiped in this country. I'm not a huge football fan but I'd still be scared to get into a bar fight with them. Even the quarterbacks because I'm pretty sure the NFL escorts them in the off season. They are thought to be strong and tough and manly, but in this video they are quite the opposite. They sound very dumb/ immature/ childish in this video. Every comment that is made in the video either doesn't make sense (but is still hilarious) or it is completely ridiculous (often times both). I think that besides the dialogue there are two huge contributing factors to making this as funny as it is. The first would be the choice of voices. My personal favorites are those of the beloved Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson (0:10) and this other guy (1:22). Pure genus. Lastly the realism is almost unreal. On many occasions, the lip reading is identical to the lips (0:29). And we can almost let ourselves be convinced that some where coach Harbaugh is out there yelling about how he wants cake now.




I chose a video clip of a parody done by a group of guys making fun of One Direction. They are making fun of their big hit "What Makes You Beautiful." I thought this was very funny because they are wearing wigs that looks like One Direction's over the top hair. They also are on a beach and stuff like One Direction does in the real video. They prance around and make fun of their dance moves. They changed the words to make fun of things that are big in society right now and make fun of the group. They over exaggerated the facial expressions and are even wearing clothes similar to One Direction. At one point they bring up the honey badger attacking a a fake snake which I thought was really funny. This is parody because they are taking this extremely successful song and video done by one of the most famous groups right now and just making a complete joke of it all. There are some parodies that are almost taken too far and feel bad for the original person or movie or song because more people end up remembering the parody better. I remember I was crushed when Ebaums world on the internet when I was in like 6th grade did a parody to "I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys and changed it to "Which backstreet boy is gay?" Even in the lyrics of this parody they sing about how dumb some of the moves are in the video. And instead of you don't know you're beautiful they say "You don't know you're terrible." It's funny but also a little over the top.



I chose this clip because it is from Scary Movie 3. I love the Scary Movie movies because the ENITRE movie is a parody, usually making fun of the past years' most popular movies. This particular clip is making fun of The Ring. For those of you not familiar with The Ring it is a popular horror movie made back in 2002. It is about a journalist who is investigating a videotape that is said to kill anyone who watches it in 7 days. A week after watching it a young girl crawls out of the TV and the character meets his or her death.

This scene from Scary Movie 3 makes fun of that time in The Ring when the character is about to die. However, in Scary Movie 3, everything is exaggerated during the time in which the character is about to face death. I love this parody because as the girl begins to climb out of the well Brenda is completely oblivious to everything that is actually happening. She begins to eat popcorn as the girl emerges from her TV as if making fun of 3D effects as well. Once the girl is in her living room, Brenda begins to beat her up, which definitely does not happen in the movie! I think these movies are hilarious!



This is a parody of the axe commercials. In axe commercials, the main attraction, the main idea that really gets guys to buy their product, is the women. I think this idea is exaggerated and that is also what makes parody's funny. In the regular axe commercials, they have women going through obstacles and running with out a care in the world except getting to the male, it's as if axe draws out the animal instincts in the females. Axe's message is that by using axe, you will get women. However, in every axe commercial, the male using axe is always attractive in one way or another. In this parody, a glasses company is using the same idea of axe, only the twist is that even with axe, you need their brand of specs to get the women. This is considered a parody because it is using the idea of another company's commercial and using it in their favor and making their product more appealing than axe. In this parody you can see how exaggerated everything is, the number of females, the minimal clothing they wear, the male not being fit, and showing the shoes they are wearing. Parodies are meant to be funny and are meant to make fun of the original. This parody has done all of the above. It made fun of the video and also add their own ideas. If you think about this realistically, the male in this parody has small chance with all those females, with or with out axe or the brand specs. Point is, realistically not possible, in a parody it is possible.

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