For this post I chose a Rocky training montage to exemplify the Audio/Video montage. At this point in the movie, Rocky is going through some intense training for his title fight against heavy weight champion of the world, Apollo Creed. This is a pretty famous scene which has been duplicated and cited in pop culture and everyday life many times. Much of what makes this a great scene is the way the song and the visuals work together bring out the emotion involved. There is no song in the history of songs, nor will there be in the future that could better evoke the emotion of this scene. I by no means ever want to find myself inside of a ring with a heavy weight champion but if I do, I will listen to this song while I train for it.

I had a hard time deciding whether it was a sequential or sectional analytical montage. At first I thought sequential because it shows the start of his training and then progression to the end of his training. However, I also see how it could be sectional because training is one part of the bigger story, so by focusing on the training it is not advancing the plot.


i was going to use this one as an example,,(thanks for stealing it :P) but anyway it is a great example for this, i like that it makes you understand how long of a process he had to go through to get to where he did... technique is one of my favorite for moves...

This is a really great example of editing. When we watched this in class I had the song stuck in my head the whole time too! I really enjoyed this editing choice at the very beginning. The use of his montage established the mood and built drama.. setting the scene for the rest of the film. Good choice!

This example is shows very great editing. The music helps add to the intensity of the scene and the way that they used the montage helped show all of his struggles to become one of the greatest boxers in that movie! I think its a great sequential montage because it shows each of the steps he took.

I agree this montage really helps create a sense of what Rocky had to go through and had great editing. Another thing I found myself wondering was how they shot the running sequences; the cameras really had good angles and kept at a steady pace with him, which must have been hard to do. The song also really exemplifies the mood and has the same progression to match what Rocky is going throughout the scene.

This is a very good example of editing. Rocky`s running is a cue to connect those buildings, places and objections together. And the rhythm of the song perfectly match with the pace of Rocky`s running. And I think it is a sequential montage because the when the music goes and when he runs I felt it full of the sequence with the scenes pass by.

Great example! In just a short clip, we're shown how hard Rocky worked to get to where he wanted to be, and of course, the music definitely helped to make it more 'exciting.' I saw this scene as a sectional montage because it showed other aspects of his workouts without saying when he did them, and the running bits were all from the same running session.

I agree, this is such a perfect example. I like that we don't have a definitive idea for the amount of time that went into this training, but the repetitive and grueling workouts hit home that this took WORK. The part that i think makes it the most rewarding is that the one scene we see strung through this montage is the run that takes it all the way to the end. That victory sweep he takes is that much more effective and powerful having been woven through the intermittent workouts. Very cool technique.

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