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This is a scene in Stanley Kubrick's film A Space Odyssey (2001). This scene is famous for its use of jump cuts. A jump cut is a type of editing technique in which an object seeems to jump or jerk from one screen position to another (Zettl 219). I liked this example because you see this angry ape throw a stick into the air. As the stick is coming down the camera rapidly jumps to a spaceship out in space. It does not follow the editing for continuity model at all! But that is what makes this movie and scene so memorable!



I like how it doesn't follow the rules it does make it like you said much more memorable, because it is not what you expect. I find jump cuts really jerky and in some ways are not done smoothly... so find that they really need to be motivated to work.

I have never seen this movie but I thought this was a great choice for jump cuts. Its very different and adds a much different effect from when scenes are done with more sequential editing. I thought it was cool how when he through the bone up it looked liked it kept going up because of the jump cut.

Well, honestly, I don't think this is jump cut. It should be match cut. A match cut maintains continuity between two shots by matching objects with similar or identical shapes or similar movements or both similar shapes and similar movements. Here, the bone slowly tumbling end over end in the air is replaced by an orbiting spacecraft with a similar shape.

Yes, I agreed with your saying that it is memorable that the ape throw the stick to the sky and the stick goes to the spaceship and the shot just focus to the spaceship. Also, the speed of this shot is very slowly to exaggerate the situation, which it surprises the audience to catch attention.

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