For editing and visualization I chose one of my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games. This is the scene from when the Hunger Games first begins. At first this shows good examples of jump cuts. It cuts from showing all the weapons in the cornucopia to all the tributes standing in their spots. It then cuts to Katniss then back to the weapons. It jumps around from clips of the clock counting down, to their feet and to some of the other faces. This jump cut sequence helps create suspense and to show the intensity of this moment in this movie. This is the scene right before many of these kids last few moments of their lives. They did a great job of getting all the important clips that are significant to these scene. They should many of the tributes ready to go and some of the tributes you can sense fear. After these jump cuts I thought the scene does a good job of switching to continually editing. It shows all the tributes running to the cornucopia as fast as they can grabbing supplies. It shows some of the tributes getting killed or killing people but overall I thought it was edited in a good way to get the whole affect of getting good logical timing between what it is happening in this scene. With such an intense scene it is hard to capture every part of it but they manage to do it very well. I thought this scene was edited in a great way to capture the up tempo scene to match how it was described in the book. This is often times very hard when making movies that came from books because the readers expect it to happen their way.


This is a great example of how jump cuts can work and not be awkward, I love how they used all the different shots it also is similar to an inductive scene showing smaller items to the bigger picture. I agree that this is the best way to depict how the book described it.

This is one of my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games! Not only did they use jump cuts effectively but they also matched them to the background music and sound effects which was really cool. It really plays up the whole scene/ event that's taking place.

I think this is not jump cut. I think it's fast cutting skill which refers to consecutive shots of brief duration or to editing dominated by brief shots. In this scene, the director uses a lot of shots to give the audience an intense feeling. People in the scene are fighting each other. Try to imagine that, if there is only one shot, it cannot give you an intense feeling. Instead, you cannot feel how violently or intensely fight with each other.

Wow I haven't seen this movie yet and I think that is a great example of jump cuts. It really showcased intensity and drama. I was very drawn in with the music and the way it would switch to different things happening quickly.

I have to disagree about this scene showing examples of jump cuts. A jump cut, if I remember correctly, shows the same person or subject in a slightly different position from the same camera. Rather, it uses quick cuts to intensify the scene by making the events look very fast paced and chaotic.

Wow, this is a great parody commercial. It's almost exactly like the original Axe commercial, and it over-exaggerates the already exaggerated original. We all know how they say that Axe products gets you all the ladies, and this non-buff dude is about to be bombarded until his glasses makes them stop in their tracks. The original uses the "psychic byproducts" method to make people want to buy their products, then SpecSavers says, "but the Axe stuff won't work unless you have our stuff."

...ignore that post about the parody. I had to copy and paste and reload because the website was having issues, then I posted it to the wrong entry.

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