This is the video from the movie "Fast and Five". The scene I choose is when Vin Diesel and his enemies were fighting and Vin diesel jumped out from the top floor in the air. I think this scene shoot very cool. Here it applies the continuity editing. This editing makes the scene more clarify and intense in the way of selecting and sequencing of the scene how he jumped from the rooftop to the air. This is an on-screen shot that the first shot matches with the second show in the camera`s viewpoint to maintain the viewer's mental map. When we see Vin Diesel`s enemies are running after Vin Diesel on the stairs of the rooftop and Vin Diesel kept running to the end of the rooftop, the next shot is when he jumping in the air from the rooftop. We would imagine what happened when he kept running to the edge of the rooftop. I knew there would be some place else when he planned to jump when I watching the video. We audience have to follow the index vector when Vin Diesel running to the edge of the rooftop of the shot one and extend it into shot two that he jumped in the air into a lower rooftop from the top. This extension leads audiences` eyes to a visual map in a more exciting picture, which in our expectation and it relates to the theme of this film. These two shots are connected very well in a space sequence. There are much enough information and connections for us to track and think in both shot to compose a visual map in our mind.


I'm not a huge fan of the fast and furious movies but this is a very intense scene because of the editing! I thought this was a good choice because of how it was sequenced and filmed. I liked that they showed him jump from our perspective.

Aha, I see. It's a great movie which I saw in China. You know, as for this kind of movie, the director tend to use fast cutting which may make many scenes intense, and the pace is really fast. In this way audience can feel excited and cool about the things in the movie.

The editing style of this trailer really draws you in. Having seen the movie, I think the mixture of fast cut scenes and some longer scenes slightly previews that the movie is not purely action, but has plot and depth to it. The editing also shows some vectors.

On a side note, I'm rather excited for the new fast and furious!

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