I apologize in advance for the quality but it was the only one i could find of the whole scene.

So for this post I was actually reminded of a great example during class today when the SNL skit was played. The clip I want to show is also starring Will Ferrel from SNL but uses different aspects of commercial strategies to make this parody work. The clip makes fun of infomercials and their attempts to sell their products that are nine times out of ten, ridiculous. The biggest advertisement strategy in this scene would have to be Dramatic Realism. The mock commercial exaggerates how much work owning a dog is, in this case, that owning one is so much work that beating or starving your dog is socially acceptable and completely normal. The parody is exemplified here because it's obvious that beating and/or starving your dog or any animal for that matter isn't really morally sound. SNL also uses Psychic Byproducts as another strategy. In this case SNL is implying that if you by the video set offered in the commercial, you will learn efficient (but violent) ways to break your dog's bad habits. Examples from the clip include fussy eating habits, going to the bathroom in the house, and jumping up onto furniture. Other aspects that make this clip a parody is that one, it definitely identifies particular traits of the original type including soft, "homey" music in the background, and two, the entire clip is completely exaggerated. A specific example of this would be at 1:58 where Will Ferrel uses the F bomb towards the dog when obviously any commercial, even ones expressing frustration or anger, would not allow profanity within their production.


This is so great! While watching this I was definitely reminded of those infomercials for the barking collars that you put on your dogs to get them to stop barking. I love the parodies with Will Ferrel because he is so great at being serious in his skits. I think that if you're able to be completely serious in your parody it will be more successful!

This was a great example of a parody! Will Ferrell does it best! My favorite part was when he was talking to Humprey on the couch. Nothing can beat a parody when the actor is serious. It reminded me of a parody because they gave a lot of examples which is what an informercial would do! This was a great parody

This is such a good parody. The way that Will Ferrell holds his composure is what really sends the parody home. Keeping the serious element is, for me, the most hilarious aspect of a good parody. By maintaining that quality, it mimics the authenticity of the real infomercial. Perfect!

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