I chose a video clip of a parody done by a group of guys making fun of One Direction. They are making fun of their big hit "What Makes You Beautiful." I thought this was very funny because they are wearing wigs that looks like One Direction's over the top hair. They also are on a beach and stuff like One Direction does in the real video. They prance around and make fun of their dance moves. They changed the words to make fun of things that are big in society right now and make fun of the group. They over exaggerated the facial expressions and are even wearing clothes similar to One Direction. At one point they bring up the honey badger attacking a a fake snake which I thought was really funny. This is parody because they are taking this extremely successful song and video done by one of the most famous groups right now and just making a complete joke of it all. There are some parodies that are almost taken too far and feel bad for the original person or movie or song because more people end up remembering the parody better. I remember I was crushed when Ebaums world on the internet when I was in like 6th grade did a parody to "I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys and changed it to "Which backstreet boy is gay?" Even in the lyrics of this parody they sing about how dumb some of the moves are in the video. And instead of you don't know you're beautiful they say "You don't know you're terrible." It's funny but also a little over the top.


I think this is a great example of a music video/boy band parody. It is just like the original music video so when people see that, they are able to correlate the two together. Another music video/boy band parody that I just thought about while watching this one, was the blink 182 where they make fun of all the boy bands and pop princess's of that time.

I've never seen this before, this is hilarious...anyways I also think this is a great example simply by changing the lyrics to very exaggerated stereotypical things that boy bands do. My favorite part would have to be the fact that in the beginning of the video it says it was directed by Martin Scorsese who is famous worldwide as a director, producer, or writer of multiple award winning mobster and gang movies such as Gangs of New York and Goodfellas. Even if Scorsese were to ever direct a music video I do not think it would be for One Direction.

I love music video parodies! This is one of the better ones that I have seen. I love the range of things there is to do with a music video. My favorite thing is how they point out the cliche things that boy bands do, and include it in their lyrics.

This is an awesome example! I am very familiar with the One Direction/ boy band phenomena and love that someone made this video to make fun of it. The best part is at the very beginning when it is talking about pop/electric songs which are made "by dumb computers" - that is so true! I also really liked that the actors in this video wore clothing and their hair like the actual band members do! It definitely made it more realistic

I like this music played by the boy band. I think this music video is very joyful and funny. Those guys are crazy, one of the guy wear the pink panty as the girl. In the lyrics, they also express their craziness. They all act over exaggerate to display the music and the funny meanings of the lyrics that they have changed, which is a good example of the parodies.

I have seen this parody so many times and I can't help but laugh every time. I love how all five of them represent a different member from one direction. They are dressed and have the same hair. I also love how the scene is exactly the same from the One Direction actual What makes you beautiful video. Great example of a parody

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