I chose this clip because it is from Scary Movie 3. I love the Scary Movie movies because the ENITRE movie is a parody, usually making fun of the past years' most popular movies. This particular clip is making fun of The Ring. For those of you not familiar with The Ring it is a popular horror movie made back in 2002. It is about a journalist who is investigating a videotape that is said to kill anyone who watches it in 7 days. A week after watching it a young girl crawls out of the TV and the character meets his or her death.

This scene from Scary Movie 3 makes fun of that time in The Ring when the character is about to die. However, in Scary Movie 3, everything is exaggerated during the time in which the character is about to face death. I love this parody because as the girl begins to climb out of the well Brenda is completely oblivious to everything that is actually happening. She begins to eat popcorn as the girl emerges from her TV as if making fun of 3D effects as well. Once the girl is in her living room, Brenda begins to beat her up, which definitely does not happen in the movie! I think these movies are hilarious!


Any Scary movie is a great parody because they make fun of about 6-7 films or people in one movie, sometime even more. The Scary movie franchise came out when I was really young so I believe that was the first time I saw a parody of many movies in one film being played out.

The best part of this to me is when the TV turns on and shows the dead little girl in black and white the ONLY black lead/supporting lead female in the movie doesn't ask what's on the TV. She simply tells her friend Cindy that, "the news is on, and another little white girl fell down the well!" when in the real Ring movie (SPOILER) the little girl was murdered by her mother and thrown down the well.

I think this parody is super funny and ironic! The response of Brenda is totally out of expectation! She was still eating the popcorn when the ghost coming out of the TV and she did fight with the ghost! It breaks the nervous and horrible feeling to a ridiculous and surprise feeling. This is not as the movie "Ring", which is super horrible.

Scary movie series are very good parodies. They essentially make scary films funny, which is very in expected. They also break many conventions and rules to achieve hilarious moments.

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