This is a bad lip-reading of NFL players and coaches. Basically they took the sound out of the original videos and produced their own interpretation of what these players and coaches were saying. This is a parody because it mocks the NFL. It makes them look really stupid. NFL players are worshiped in this country. I'm not a huge football fan but I'd still be scared to get into a bar fight with them. Even the quarterbacks because I'm pretty sure the NFL escorts them in the off season. They are thought to be strong and tough and manly, but in this video they are quite the opposite. They sound very dumb/ immature/ childish in this video. Every comment that is made in the video either doesn't make sense (but is still hilarious) or it is completely ridiculous (often times both). I think that besides the dialogue there are two huge contributing factors to making this as funny as it is. The first would be the choice of voices. My personal favorites are those of the beloved Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson (0:10) and this other guy (1:22). Pure genus. Lastly the realism is almost unreal. On many occasions, the lip reading is identical to the lips (0:29). And we can almost let ourselves be convinced that some where coach Harbaugh is out there yelling about how he wants cake now.


Parody is definitely the best topic so far on the blog! I love this example though. I also agree that the most of the parodic qualities come from the fact that most of the things that the coaches, players, and refs are "saying" are kind of wimpy, and almost feminine. This is funny to most (I'm assuming) because football players like you said are viewed as big, strong, and the epitomization of masculinity.

I agree with rob, Parody is by far the best part of the blog! This is one of my fav voice overs. The is a good example of making fun of a company or group of people as a parody :)

I have watched this parody so many times and it gets me every time! The people who come up with these bad lip readings are geniuses. I thought this was especially hilarious because they are making fun of NFL football players instead of a product or tv show! They definitely do not come off as masculine once we hear what is coming from the bad lip reading commentators in this parody!

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