This is a parody of the well known Dove commercials, they are some of my favorite. During the original they show "normal" women and show how much they go through, makeup, hair, and editing to give us the image we see in advertisements. They show the whole process in laps time. The original uses Imaginary consumer voice, to show us that their product truly understands how we feel and to say that you always wanted this type of product to learn to accept yourself. This parody uses the same time laps technique to show and asian man "transformed" into a famous person (zac efron). They make fun of the irony that the dove commercial has that a company is using technology to convince you that they truly understand when they are using the same technology. Both of these pull at our heart strings each in its own way. The original that all other media is wrong, the parody that ALL media is wrong.


I have totally seen this parody before! It's so funny! I love how they exaggerated the original commercial and turned an Asian man into Zac Efron.. really creative. It definitely looks like this use of photo modification could be a possibility in our society.

I actually laughed out loud at this one. I have seen the original because I once used it for a presentation and I have not see this one so I was able to put the two together. I was able to know this was a parody because they use the same music and same fast pace video to show the process in 30 seconds. This is a great example.

I think it is a very creative ad, and it is pretty meaningful. The main purpose of the parody is to tell people to value beauty in a funny way. The ugly guy become such a handsome guy in the way of Photoshop, which is super ironic. But this parody try to tell us that pretty is very important and Dove does such job for us. Then it calls us to buy the Dove products. It is creative anyway.

Okay this parody is hilarious! I have never seen it before but I have seen plenty of other parodies for dove, this one has to be the best. I love how they say he is evolving but then the clearly show photoshop just turning the picture into Zac Efron. Super creative. Great choice for a parody

Great paraody choice. I had never seen it but I thhought it was super funny how they photoshoped the picture and made it Zac Efron. This was a great choice because Zac Efron is a very well known actor so they were clearly making fun of Dove by chosing such a good looking guy but who is not average like many of the Dove commericals.

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