This is a parody of the axe commercials. In axe commercials, the main attraction, the main idea that really gets guys to buy their product, is the women. I think this idea is exaggerated and that is also what makes parody's funny. In the regular axe commercials, they have women going through obstacles and running with out a care in the world except getting to the male, it's as if axe draws out the animal instincts in the females. Axe's message is that by using axe, you will get women. However, in every axe commercial, the male using axe is always attractive in one way or another. In this parody, a glasses company is using the same idea of axe, only the twist is that even with axe, you need their brand of specs to get the women. This is considered a parody because it is using the idea of another company's commercial and using it in their favor and making their product more appealing than axe. In this parody you can see how exaggerated everything is, the number of females, the minimal clothing they wear, the male not being fit, and showing the shoes they are wearing. Parodies are meant to be funny and are meant to make fun of the original. This parody has done all of the above. It made fun of the video and also add their own ideas. If you think about this realistically, the male in this parody has small chance with all those females, with or with out axe or the brand specs. Point is, realistically not possible, in a parody it is possible.


I think this is a great example of a parody! The whole time I was watching it I was expecting it to be for some sort of competing fragrance line and was totally shocked that it was for eyeglasses. They did a great job in exaggerating elements that Axe uses in their commercials and making them relate to Specsavers. Axe commercials always feature really attractive men using their spray as the center of desire for women. This commercial does great job at making fun of the fact that even though this man is using some sort of spray he is not desired by the women. Great example!

This is a very funny parody example. This was a great choice because they completely over exaggerate everything, with the girls and how he is slow motion putting on his axe. Axe is notorious for over the top “look good, smell good” commercials so they were spot on with that. I think its so funny that once he puts on the glasses all the girls run away, it’s sort of an oxymoron.

This is amazing. I absolutely love this one. I think it is perfect that it is the axe commercial turned into a glasses commercial. I also like how instead of the women pouncing on him, they stop when they see him up close and walk away. This is a great parody because for once in a commercial "for axe" the guy doesn't get the girls.

This parody serves as kind of an interesting critique of Axe commercials highlighting that from just smelling good isn't enough. As a parody, all of the elements were highly exaggerated, including the location, the difficulty to reach the beach, how taken aback the women are, and how furiously the male is applying the "Axe".

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