In this scene of Escape to Witch Mountain, There are many different motion vector lines, one that is between the driver (Dwayne Johnson) and the children in the back seat. They flip between the front and back seat. The small area makes it easy to establish and the camera location helps to establish the location of the characters in the car and that there is not a person in the passenger seat. The motion vector line is seen during the beginning when he initially gets into the car and they start driving, then after he stops you see the index vertex line. I like this scene for this because it uses multiple lines and is a fast pace scene to watch.


It was hard for me to find a clip of this but you found a great one! I really enjoyed this scene because it kept my attention the whole time! It definitely is a fast pace scene which is perfect for this movie! Those are also a few a my favorite actors. Good choice of visualization

This was a really great example of visualization. I had never seen this movie before but I thought it was cool how they filmed this seen to help show where the characters are located and the different persepectives of this.

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