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For our production one, we were group one and I think we did pretty good job in the setting, the audio control and the lighting. The setting in production one is a pretty dark technique control room. However, I think it is kind of too dark somehow. The control of the voice of the actress is fine and the sound cue of the door opening matches the actions not bad.
In production three, we can see our skills are improved a lot from the context we designed. For example, we add more related visualized picture in production three to help to promote the products. The setting of the production three is better I think. We had green milk served with the cup and broccoli sandwiches to the advertisement. We seem to be more practical in production shooting. We also insert some more music into dialogues. The lighting in production three is also better than the one in production one. We had lightings more even distributed in production three. And we used floor light to reflect green light on the character`s face for the ironic effect. The control of the voice of the characters is very continues and well balanced. In the production three, I think not only the quality of the production is better but also the collaboration of our group is better. We had more tacit agreement on the production illustration and we are more practical in the production.
The advice I would give is that audio people have to make sure to put mic properly on character`s body to avoid the noises during the shooting. And lighting director has to make sure that the power is down before they take off the lights.
Finally, I would like to say that I am very glad to work with my fellow 3201-ers. All the things you guys teach me and help me during the production appreciate me. I am very impressed by your responsibility and hard-working.

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Although I was not in your production three group I as well think it was better! The quality and collaboration of all the groups were great. In production three we had more advanced lighting, sounds and we worked a lot faster. Our class was great and I'm sure we will all see each other beyond this class

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