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I think that everyone has improved a great deal from Production One to Production Three. Our first production was a bit rocky since we were getting to know each other, getting used to the equipment in the studios as well as adjusting to our roles as ATL and BTL. In addition we found lighting to be a challenge and as a result our scene was a lot darker than we had intended for it to be. However, I think it was a really good learning experience for not only my group but the other groups as well. When it came time for Production Three we were all more familiar with each other, the studio, and responsibilities that came with each of the different roles. I think that since we all were comfortable with each other and got along so well was reflected in our group work. We were all able to offer advice and suggestions for improvement where we thought were needed and open to constructive criticism which made it easy for us to improve and work with each other.

Advice to future 3201-ers: Really pay attention in class to the examples that you are shown.. they were really helpful! When it comes time for production use your time in the studio wisely and get your Production Book work done on time so you have plenty of time to make changes if they are needed!

Fellow 3201-ers: It was really great getting to know all of you! I enjoyed this class so much more because of the people that made it awesome every day! I hope we stay in touch and that I run into you all in the future!

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I agree that lighting was one of the biggest challenges throughout the course. At first many people didn't understand it and the scenes were too dark. For the second production it seemed as though some scenes were too bright. I thought by the 3rd production everyone's lighting had really came together and was much better. Even with the challenge of having one less day of pre production in the studios I still think we were able to do a great job because everyone worked well together!

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