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.As far as improving production-wise it was hard to make huge strides in specific roles from production to production because we had different roles to focus on each time. I'm not sure that my TD skills were any better during the second production than the TD during my first production. That being said I think we improved on creating production books that brought out our vision for the actual production. I think we really improved on shot variety, incorporating close ups and long shots, tertiary and primary and secondary motion. I also think that our lighting and sound designs became more intentional although the execution may not have improved much. All in all I feel like what this added up to was a large improvement in everybody's ability and confidence when faced with new challenges and responsibilities. The main difference I saw from production one to production three was the attitude of everyone present on the day of the shoot. I think everybody felt a lot more comfortable in their new roles during production three, maybe even too comfortable actually, but comfortable nonetheless which I think allowed for us to adjust to difficulties we experienced during the shoot and therefore leading to a more enjoyable experience while creating a better product.

I'd also like to give a shout out to everybody that made this class a wonderful learning experience for myself and everybody else in the class (who I'm sure feel the same). Especially to Allyson for teaching me more than I've ever learned in an intro to media production course. Ever.

Hope to see you guys in Adv. Media Production next semester.

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I agree that shot variety was definitly something that we improved on as a whole. We were able to include lots of different type of motion which helped made our production look much better and even more professional. Everyone seemed more comfortable and more confident.

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