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I believe that everyone overall, progressed very well, from production one to production three. I do think that it is a little harder to measure progression in this particular class because each of us had a new role for each production, not allowing us to use what we had learned in those roles for the following production. That being said, I still say that the overall progression of everyone's abilities and comfort in the studio, especially during pre-production days and production days, was very good. By the pre-production day of Production Three, everyone had less questions to ask and there was a lot more of actual "production". On a more specific note, what I believe really had improved from the first production to the third was the types of shots used. Since shots were used in each production (obviously), unlike a punch in the third or a shot utilizing secondary motion in the second, I could see a very visible difference in the quality and smoothness of shots in general in each of the Production Threes. Another aspect of film that I believe everyone improved on was the ability to be flexible and innovative during shooting days.
If I were to give advice to someone starting out in 3201 I would have to say that since the class requires a lot more out-of-class time, you really have to be careful when managing your time, or maybe even just say that make sure you manage your time in general. Since you will be working with many others you will also have to always keep on open mind and be able to solve differences and disputes responsibly and maturely, for the rest of your group's sake. Other than that, make sure that you really wrap your head around what you are studying or designing. The material of the class is much more enjoyable (at least to me) than Calculus or any of the above, so why not take advantage of the fact that you are taking a class that can really be enjoyable.
Best wishes to everybody from class! It was a pleasure working with all of you and I'll never forget everything I learned with all of you guys! Also, thanks to Allyson, Raven, and Tim because if i was in their spot i would have snapped ASAP haha. Hopefully some of you are taking the advanced course next fall and have a good summer!

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The measure of improvement was difficult too, since we all had a new role every time. But I think it was still nice to get to learn about the new roles, and it definitely helped to get advice from someone who was in your position during a previous production.

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