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From productions one to three, I think everyone improved quite a bit. Production books became easier to make (although in the first production, we had to do the entire thing). We came to understand lighting a little bit more and how important it really is (not enough lighting in production one), whether it's how many lights are on or not, and where they're positioned (how bright the scene is, and controlling fall off), and how color gels affect the mood of the scene. It was also nice to see more shot variety as we learned more about them and I think it really improved the entire composition. Compared to when we first started class, everyone now has gotten to know each other and everyone seems to get along pretty well, which also makes it easier to work together. We were able to set up and strike the set much quicker.

Advice for the next 3201-ers. Hmm...read the book. It really helps. And get to know your fellow classmates as well because the more comfortable you are with each other, the less stressful it becomes during pre-production and production.
Good luck to everyone in this class. It's been a pleasure working with and getting to know all of you. Maybe I'll see some of you around next year.

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I agree! Everything did become a little easier and we definitley got more comfortable with the production! It was cool to see how lighting changed through out the production. We started getting fancy with the gels and were able to add in more lights with the time that we had. Everyone improved throughout the course and everyone got along as well! It was a fun semester and I hope to see everyone!

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