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I see improvement all around. The lighting has improves dramatically, the range of camera motion has increased. Our first production was simple and it was pretty clean. It was at least cleaner than out production 3s because we had so much going on by production 3. The less elements in film making we had to apply the easier and more amateur the production was. By the 3rd production, we were trying out new elements such as the fly key, punch ins, z axis, etc. This is also why we had to make each shot count and with a purpose. There is definitely a visible difference in the quality between the first production and the last. Another interesting thing that took place is that by production 3, we had everything in our control. We went from a script where we had little control over, where everyone's production seem similar to a script where we controlled everything, where we saw variety. The productions has also become more entertaining, which is the main point when it comes to filming. In terms of materials learned in class and it;s applications, that is a definite answer, it is also very obvious. However, some other improvements are not as obvious. For example, the way we conduct ourselves around each other and around the tech. We know we need to follow safety instructions, it's some serious matter. Did you know each of those cameras cost $50,000 each! Not only has out production and course work improved, our friendship in the class improved as well. I see growth in everyone, from strangers who knew nothing of what we were doing to friends who would help and call out advice.

As for last words, I would like to thank everyone, especially if you were ever in my group. This class is all about team work and non of us could have done it with out each other. Have a great summer, follow your own intuition.

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