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I think our class improved greatly. While it is hard to take comprehensive look at the improvement regarding the finished products, the production that went into the projects definitely improved with each new assignment. Because we switched roles, it was difficult to improve individually at the task at hand. That said, it was beneficial as time went on to piggy back off of one another's knowledge from their work in the past projects. But static components like lighting and sound improved after seeing what worked and what didn't. Another key element was the class environment that really enhanced the cohesiveness of our projects. We were able to get to know each other and use that to our advantage in our projects. This was the first class i had taken that focused so greatly and put such a high emphasis on group work and I can happily say, everyone did a really great job together. I learned a lot in this class about the technical aspects that go into a production. Admittedly, i took this class mistaking it for social media, and obviously knew nothing about electronic media. Learning about the cameras, the monitors, the lighting boards, the switch boards, audio- all of it was new. I loved the first assignment, purely for getting the vague understanding of how much work goes into a short 2 minute production. A production book is no joke. Overall i learned so much, and feel confident that if a situation arose where a director was needed, i could hop in the chair.

Advice to future 3201 kids, be prepared to work hard, but go in with an open mind. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE TALENT. But it will be okay, i had fun with it. Do your readings. Do not wait for the last minute to do things. They really can't be done in a time crunch. Get to know your classmates. This is not a class you can take without working with others.

Thanks so much to everyone. I had a blast in the class, and though it was stressful and tedious at times, the class environment made it that much more fun. Peace.

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