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Looking back at the growth from Production One and Production Three, I think we came a very long way in aspects to being able to focus less on the basic of how to do things. We focused more on executing things creatively and with more precision. We began to set production more efficiently and were able to work cohesively.

I believe that communication is the most important aspect of a production team. When Kelsey and I were running into issues, it only took a few seconds of communication to bring us to the same page to continue the production smoothly.

My advice to future 3201 kids is to be proactive in your production groups and to communicate efficiently and work together on productions rather than leaving it to a few people.

To my classmates, thank you for being so friendly and easy to work with. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and if you run into problems, don't worry bout it.


I definitely agree that we began using lots more creativity by our last production. We were able to work as a group better because we understood our roles and were able to have more freedom because of that. I agree that our class was able to communicate well when there was issues because everyone was so understanding of eachother and what we were trying to accomplish.

I agree that communication is the most important part of a team. And by Production Three it was very evident that everyone was communicating with each other well. Especially when it times of conflict or disagreement came we all seemed able to bring it up without any problems or issues.

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