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Overall, I think my work has improved so much since production one in so many ways, especially my knowledge in filmmaking. Over the course I learned lots of new vocabulary and filming techniques so by the time project 3 came around I was able to do a lot more in than the first. One way is the sound design. In my first production there were just a few short little sounds used. By production 2 and 3 there was music and more sounds, even during the credits. I thought lighting improved a lot too. The first production was very dark and hard to see. Also I thought by production 3 we were able to get full use of the set, we were able to create a scene that seemed like it was being filmed in two different places. I thought shot composition improved too, by production 3 we were using a variety of shots such as trucking and even punch ins. By the time production 3 came along everyone had a great understanding of each role so it was able to go very smoothly and people were able to help each other if need be. I think also our creativity as a class and the creativity we had in each production got better each time. By the final production we were able to write our own scripts and basically do what we want with it making really great productions. One piece of advice would be that it is a lot to take in at first and can be hard to understand all this new information but stay positive and keep trying and things will only get easier. Also, don't wait until the last minute to do the assignments, they take a while.
My parting words for the 3201-ers is that I had a great time working with everyone and getting to know everyone! Good luck with the rest of your college careers and hopefully we will have more classes together!

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