Blog assignment instructions

Throughout the semester you will be expected to participate on the course blog. You will post your responses to prompts and reply to other students' posts. This forum is meant to provide you a venue for reflecting on course concepts, sharing your own examples of the concepts and techniques we discuss in class, and engaging in discussion with your fellow students. It is also a place where you can post questions to your fellow classmates, share production opportunities outside of class, invite others to on-campus screenings, and so forth.

Here's how it will work. There are of eleven prompts posted to the blog. Each prompt covers a different topic and has its own due date. You are required to respond to five of them throughout the semester.

Blog posts (prompt responses) (0-15 points per post; 75 points total). Each post you write in response to a prompt should consist of 250-300 words. Your responses should define and discuss concepts from the reading. Usually, you will be asked to share a still image or clip from a television show, film, commercial or video game to serve as an example of the concepts) under discussion. Each post is worth up to 20 points. Clearly written, detailed, thoughtful responses will earn the full 20 points; vague and confusing posts that do not fully connect the concept to the example may earn partial or no credit. Be prepared to discuss your posts in class.

The due dates for each prompt are indicated in the syllabus's course schedule and on the course blog itself. Please note: Your responses are due the day before class by 8 pm.

  • You are required to respond to the first prompt.
  • You are also required to respond to the final prompt.
  • You select the other three prompts you wish to respond to.
  • Late postings will not count towards your grade.
  • You may certainly post your response before the due date - just as long as you post after you've done the reading.

Blog activity (comments & other posts) (0-3 points per comment/post; 30 points total). In addition to posting your own responses to the prompts, you should regularly read and respond to other students' posts. You can earn up to 50 points by posting thoughtful comments to other students' posts throughout the semester. Each comment should consist of at least 50 words and engage the original post in a thoughtful way. Because comment is worth up to 5 points, you'll need to post at least ten thoughtful comments throughout the semester to earn full credit. You may also earn these points by making additional posts to the course blog in order to share production opportunities outside of class, on-campus screenings, or online resources, or by thoughtfully answering a question another student has posted. These additional posts should also consist of at least 50 words in order to earn full credit. You may also use the course blog to make shorter posts to share content, pose questions or spark discussions as long as they are relevant to the class.

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